Wells & Co. Fine Jewelers

This client from Virginia Beach, VA had one of the oldest sites I've come across in a while. The gold color scheme was created to give this small store a wealthy feel. I particularlly enjoy the cutout of the main box for the banners and jewelry thumbnails.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit

Capri Jewelers

Capri Jewelers is a client with multiple stores in the Richmond, VA area. I peformed a small overhall of my catalog system for this site to include canonical links, some nice rollovers for images in the catalog, and facebook functionality.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit, SEOMOZ

David Fairclough Fine Jewelers

This English jeweler based in Toledo, Ohio is one of my favorite jewelry store sites. The site was a first for me, I completely rewrote my catalog scripts to support .htaccess url rewriting for sexier urls and easier bookmarking.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit

Freshley Media

My current employer Freshley Media is a marketing firm based in Charleston, SC that deals specifically with jewelry stores across the country. I was able to pull off a few new things in this I had never tried before, the first being a wordpress blog, secondly @font-face fonts via typekit, and a few other jQuery bells & whistles.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit, TypeKit, Wordpress, SEOMOZ

Romm Diamonds

Boston's home for Diamonds is Brockton, Massachusetts Romm Diamonds. I originally finished this site in late 2009, at the time I was still using nested tables for everything. Recently updated (April 2011), the site is now HTML 5 friendly (via Modernizer) and using CSS block model design. It also includes major revamping to my catalog scripts for HTML 5, SEO, and looks.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit, SEOMOZ

Springer's Jewelers

Springer's Jewelers is one of the oldest jewelry stores in the country based in Maine & New Hampshire. The site shares very similar functionality to most of my jewelry store sites, but it was the first to include many of my now standard features. This client is the reason to create a Content Management System for any site, and they are willing to use it. Also includes a nice jQuery script I've written to show off info for multiple stores (hover over the bottom right).


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit, SEOMOZ

North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center,Vories Medical Center,Germain Dermatology,The Citadel,Arcadia Publishing

Skill Sets:

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Type 60 - 80wpm, Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, Panic Coda, Macrabbit CSSEdit, Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Microangelo


  • Creative Director

    January 2009 - Present

    Freshley Media, Inc. - Charleston, SC

    Marketing Firm for Jewelry Stores

    Designed, developed and maintain websites for jewelry stores all over the country. Utilizing current trending, demographic research and location to develop content rich websites. Sites are developed with a combination of PHP, MySQL, and JQuery with a heavy focus on rich graphics and large jewelry imagery. Produce marketing materials as required for jewelers ranging from print medium to email marketing. Maintaining a log of tasks as well as project management materials. Photograph and Post-Process Photoshop of jewelry as needed for the web, utilizing a light box and digital camera. Assist Jewelers and their staff with day to day website operations, including email, site updates, and any web related emergencies.

  • Freelance Graphics & Web Designer

    June 2003 - Present

    Web & Graphics Design Firm

    Design, develop and maintain websites and print materials for clients all over the Charleston area and various national contracts. Provide both static and working mock-ups of prospective site design based on the client's needs. Websites use a combination of PHP, MySQL, and jQuery to provide rich content which is editable by the client via a backend administration websites.

  • Graphics & Web Desinger

    June 2003 - January 2007

    BWC Products, Inc. - North Charleston, SC

    Computer Retailer, IT Service & Support, Networking

    Designed, developed and maintained websites and sales materials for sales staff. Developed and implemented intranet website for all areas of business including a Service Repair Order tracking system and a New Build Tracking system. Systems created smoother operation between departments utilizing an in-house MySQL database. Assisted the service department in customer repairs when department was understaffed or overbooked. Provided complete diagnosis and repair for customer machines. Built to specification and customer needs PCs and servers. Visited client's onsite locations to assist with PC troubleshooting or installation of new equipment.

  • Senior Web Designer

    September 2000 - February 2003

    A World of Difference, Inc. - Charleston, SC

    Internet Service Provider, Web Design Firm

    Designed and developed complete websites for clients. From the initial meetings and brainstorming to the project’s completion to the client’s specifications. Designed, developed and maintained websites for high-end clients such as Charlie Condon’s gubernatorial campaign website, The Citadel Athletics Department and Arcadia Publishing.

Other Experience:

Government Sales, Retail, PC Technician, Team Leader, Artist, Illustrator, Filmmaking Techniques, Product & Equipment


Available upon request.